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What sandblaster should I buy?

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Whether you are sandblasting a car or boat, you should always ask someone who has the experience working in the sandblast industry and ask for the right advice. Your air compressor will determine the right sandblasting equipment required for your application. Depending on the blast nozzle size, you can operate any sandblaster from an air compressor from 10 cfm up to 52 cfm with electric or petrol compressors.

Ask the team at Ublast PTY LTD for the right advice on which sandblasting equipment you need. We will make sure you purchase the right equipment to suit your needs. We have many returning customers coming back happy with the right advice they received initially to get the job done properly.

Can i claim machinery purchase for tax before end of financial year

Can i claim machinery purchase before end of financial year?

Yes, yes, yes.

The best time to purchase capital equipment is in June just before the EOFY or End of Financial Year. Your accountant will advise if your nett profit is too high, you can lower your taxable income by purchasing equipment for your business.

Sandblast cabinets, sandblasting pots, sand blast helmets and visors, sand blasting abrasives and spare parts available for discounted prices.

Air Compressors, air hose, air tools like oil water separators, air fittings, air spray guns low volume gravity feed, air chisel hammer kits and much more at discounted prices.

Warehouse equipment such as floor sweepers, bench drills, cordless drills

Automotive equipment like oil drainers, parts washers, mechanics creepers and more all at great prices.

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