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what size air compressor is the best for sandblasting

what size air compressor is the best for sandblasting?

The best size air compressor for sandblasting depends on the size of your sandblast nozzle. Listed below are the specifications on what size nozzle should be used with the size air compressor;

  • Nozzle 1/8″ 100 psi 21 cfm
  • Nozzle 3/16″ 100 psi 45 cfm
  • Nozzle 1/4″ 100 psi 80 cfm’
  • Nozzle 5/16″ 100 psi 142 cfm
  • Nozzle 3/8″ 100 psi 200 cfm

These specifications are based on sandblasting pressure pots usage and may vary depending on the size blast hose and air hose you are using. It is always the best rule to have more air when sandblasting than less to maintain a constant pressure at the nozzle to maximise your efficiency.

what size air hose do i use with my air compressor

what size air hose do i use with my air compressor

The answer depends on your tolerance for air hose problems, what type of work you plan on doing with your air compressor and the air hose, and as always, your wallet. Is change in your compressor air hose worth it for you? What type of air hose do you use, pvc, rubber?

If your air compressor is a typical single phase then it will have the most efficient use with a 6mm to 10mm air hose. And also typically the length of the air hose should be no more than 30 metres to avoid any pressure drop.

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?

what size air compressor do i need?

Depending whether you need an air compressor for commercial or residential needs, the air compressor should have a bigger free air delivery than the air tools you are using. An example could be you need to pump up truck tyres, you want to save money and purchase a small 240 volt compressor but in reality you need a 3 phase compressor. You can buy a single phase 240 volt compressor that pumps up to 140 psi instead of 115 psi.

There are many options when purchasing an air compressor, always ask a professional that sells compressors for the right advice on what type, size and brand of compressor you need.


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