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How to fix an air compressor with a faulty motor

How to fix an air compressor with a faulty motor.

Problems troubleshooting your air compressor? When you have an air tool that does not work properly or even works at all, there are many ways to solve the problem. When it comes to my air compressor not working, then a whole bunch of my air tools cannot work either. We have listed below some trouble shooting problem solving to help fix your air compressor.

Compressor will not operate.1. No electrical power.Turn on power.
Push the reset button.
2. Low oil level.Check oil level.
3. Pressure switch not making contact.See pressure switch adjustment.
4. Pressure in the tank is below the cut-in pressure.See pressure switch adjustment.
Replace pressure switch to one that has a lower cut-in PSI

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide for Monash University

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide. Terry from the Glass Brick Company came to us and asked for Ublast to sandblast the glass bricks he needs for a huge project in the Monash University. These bricks will be on display so the blasting of the bricks have to be consistent with each one having an identical look and feel about them. With a total of 2150 bricks, this is a big job that needs to be completed with the utmost care. Check out our video with the glass bricks.


McMillan air compressor for sale in melbourne

Established in 1954, McMillan Air Compressors Pty Ltd are still a family owned business. Having stood the test of time, all the McMillan air compressors are still well known and respected in the air compressor industry. McMillan are supplying high quality air compressors to a wide range of users, from the home handyman to high end industrial systems. With products ranging from portable, stationary, petrol & diesel powered compressors, as well specialized machines, we have every application covered. We can also custom build an air compressor to suit your requirements.

We are a re seller of McMillan equipment and here at Ublast Pty Ltd we have a full range of spare parts, backup and service. We recommend to invest in a McMillan for peace of mind and avoid the pain of break downs and stopping your production in business. Having what’s known as a cheaper brand of air compressor can be very costly, especially if the compressor needs reconditioning or worse yet needs replacing. Our service technician will provide the right advice on servicing guides and the recommended service times for each air compressor.


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